Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask

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Revitalize & Soothe your skin with highly hydrating Essence Facial Mask, that replenishes skin with nutrition & enhances its elasticity. Contains Collagen Extract & Glycerin to intensely hydrate & soothe skin!

Available in 3 Variants: Tomato Hydrating Mask, Egg Ultra Hydrating Mask, and Cucumber Ultra hydrating mask.


Cucumber Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask is a refreshing sheet mask with a rich water content that hydrates and cools the skin.

Steeped with ultra-moisturizing cucumber extracts; provides excellent hydrating effects to boost skin cells’ moisture levels; leaves dry and tired skin looking smooth and healthy

Perfect for those who wants a younger-looking, supple complexion

Egg Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask is a tightening mask that minimizes the look of pores for a smoother look.

Formulated with egg extract and several plant ingredients; delivers a protein boost to nourish and condition skin; boosts elasticity for a taut, tight, more toned look; creates a glowing, silky complexion

Perfect for fatigued skin.

Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask