Herbeem™ Zipped Open Toe Compression Socks [Bundle Savers]

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Finally achieve relief from leg pain and swelling with the Zipped™ Open Toe Compression Socks (Compression Stockings)!

NOTE: Color to be sent in random (either beige or black)

These Zippered Compression Socks are easy-to-use and help to soothe and revitalize your legs, giving you the pep back in your step!  

High quality fabric, comfortable & breathable with calibrated compression of 20-30mmHg.




NoteIdeally we recommend buying atleast 2 pairs, so you have clean sock as spare. You don't want to wear the same sock for the whole week for obvious hygienic reason.

*check below for size measurements


  • Small - Medium (S/M):
    • Calf Circumference: 27 below
  • Large - Extra Large (L/XL):
    • Calf Circumference: 31-35 centimeters
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): 
    • Calf Circumference: 36-43 centimeters



Zipped™ Open Toe Compression Socks

  • Zip Technology Makes it easy  to take it on and off, and is quick and convenient to wear.

  • Long Cuff & Single Layer Weaving - Provides a comfortable fit and prevents the socks from rolling down. its weave pattern is especially formulated to absorb moisture from the skin and quickly wicks it away.

  • Open Toe Design - For ventilation & versatile foot size adaptability. The Open toe design is perfect with your favorite open-toed shoes.

  • Unique Heel Design - The unique Y-Gore Design provides a more natural fit & feel for your heels.


The Zipped™ Open Toe Compression Socks' graduated compression targets each area with different and perfect pressures: (20-30mmHg)

  • Helps enhance the circulation in the upper leg area while relieving leg stress and reduce it's swelling.

  • Helps flush out lactic acid built up in the legs. Relieves tired, aching legs

  • Is specifically designed to prevent and relieve swelling of the lower limbs specially the tension on the due to fatigue.


  • Helps reduce the symptoms of painful varicose veins and when worn faithfully

  • Helps reduce fatigue, swelling, itching, burning, and leg cramps

  • Promotes the venous blood flow from the feet back toward the heart overcoming the effects of gravity

  • Improves leg symptoms, and decrease the risk of blood clots. 

  • Alleviate the pain of standing and walking all day by increasing circulation, giving you instant relief from even your worst pain and swelling

    Package: 2 pairs of Zipped™ Open Toe Compression Socks (BUY1TAKE1)

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