Elujai Germanium Set (PRE-ORDER)

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The most Intensive Whitening and Anti Wrinkle Care is here and available for Pre-Order.

The Elujai Germanium Set facilitates blood circulation and oxygen supply, an enhances skin cell activation.

It maximizes efficacy of nutrients by effectively delivering nutrients down to the inner skin using electrons activation method.
This helps skin moisturize longer naturally, serving as a catalyst, and revives collagen.

Leaving the skin sleek and fresh, and preventing acidification of blood and aging

1. Essence Skin (toner) 130ml

2. Essence 50ml

3. Cream 50g

4. Eye Cream 50g

5. Emulsion 130ml

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Important: This Item Is For Pre-Order And It Takes 1-2 Weeks To Arrive Here In The Philippines.

Pre-order now and be the first to experience the ultimate skin care set, now only 3,500 originally 10,000!

Guaranteed Skin Care & Beauty Satisfaction!

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Elujai Germanium Set (PRE-ORDER)