Ekel Soothing Gels

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Change you heavy moisturizing creams with these lightweight highly-moisturizing Soothing Gels!

Ekel Soothing Gels - protects the skin against skin pigmentation, photoaging, wrinkles, and dry skin. It perfectly moisturizes and retains moisture throughout the day.

It also calms the hot skin, relieves skin stress, relieves redness and itching.

Perfect for the Humid Philippine Wheater - because of it's non-sticky formula that refreshes, cools, and soothes.

Features: Excellent for nourishing and moisturizing.

How to use: Apply as needed to face at the last skin care routine step, massage gently for the gel to be absorbed in the skin. It is good to be used as a body moisturizer twice a week.

Ekel Soothing Gels